The LOIUS project - Linking Open Italian University Statistics

Early Draft - 2010/02/10

Giovanni Pirrotta (Department of Mathematics, University of Messina, Italy)


The Italian MIUR (Ministry of the Education, University and Research) Statistical Office publishes each academic year a complete analysis about university activities representing a very powerful and valuable source of information. The LOIUS project target is to assign meaning to the statistical data coming from the Italian University "World" using semantic technologies, interconnecting the data with other datasets and publishing the results following Linked Data principles.

The LOIUS ontology

A very important ontology we can use to model statistical data is of course SCOVO ontology .

In order to develop our LOIUS ontology we decide to extend SCOVO ontology. To model our domain the following dimension types were identified:

...for example the following figure describes the mapping of a single Item

The LOIUS Architecture

Exposing data



LOIUS Applications

Motion Chart

Yahoo Pipes (linked with geonames ontology)


The reference dataset


LOIUS Homepage
SPARQL Endpoint:
Demo applications: Graduated
Source data:
Fonte dati: Ministero dell'Universita' e della Ricerca - Ufficio di Statistica. Indagine sull'Istruzione Universitaria. (gennaio 2009)

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